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Freelance photographer in Japan, I love catching *the* moment, whether it be a burst of rage or paroxysmal move of an artist on stage, or a simple and ephemeral smile on a face. ...



Guillaume Catella
Tokyo, Japan



Omnium Gatherum live

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The first band to play tonight is the Japanese band Liv Moon, centered around Akane Liv the female vocalist born in Sweden, and strongly inspired by Nightwish. Despite being formed very recently in 2009, the band quickly encountered success. Akane sings in Japanese with an amazing clear voice, which remains perfect even when reaching the highest pitches. The sound is enormous and well balanced, as it will be for all the other bands. The band extensively uses keyboards, samples, well executed soli and Akane’s symphonic voice.
Except for a temporary problem launching a song, and a recurrent distorted noise, their set was seamless and worthy of such a crowd.


Aborted, System Divide @Tokyo

Photos of 1 Aborted, System Divide @Tokyo
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Aborted, System Divide, Devour the Martyr and 5 other bands are invited by the Verlay brothers and Chaotic Tapestry to stir up the Japanese capital. It’s the underground small venue of the “Wild Side” in Shinjuku which hosts the hostilities, not without difficulty, as the crowd can barely fit in the place, which quickly gets very hot, confering an infernal and intimist ambience. The event is incidentally named “Valentine Smasher” as we are on February 14th on Valentine Day.[...]

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Deals Death, Bloodshot Dawn

Photos of 1 Deals Death, Bloodshot Dawn
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Bloodshot Dawn and Deals Death, two promising European bands are ending their very first Japanese tour on this Sunday evening, before taking off back home on the following day, and after a grueling week playing all over the country. They were accompanied by some local bands among which are their partners in crime for the night: Hemorrhoid Carnage, Ogre and Serenity in Murder.


Between the Buried and Me, Animals As Leaders

Photos of 1 Between the Buried and Me, Animals As Leaders
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Two of the top american technical progressive death metal scene, namely Between the Buried and Me and Animals as Leaders, do us the honor of coming to Japan among their tour in the pacific area, followed by a few dates in New Zealand and then Australia. Taking this occasion, Metalship meets Paul and Dan, the two restless and talented guitarists of Between the Buried and Me, just before the live begins, for an interview where the two mates, very chatty, talk about their music and concept, their last album in two parts, and of course, their near future.
The two bands play this Sunday evening their last date in Japan for this tour, in Kichijoji’s “Club Seat A” in western Tokyo, with three Japanese bands for the opening. We unfortunately miss the first band, Arise in Stability, that plays while we interview BTBAM.



Photos of 1 MyGRAIN
Photos of 2 MyGRAINPhotos of 3 MyGRAINPhotos of 4 MyGRAIN

After the Blood Axe Festival a few weeks ago, the same "club Asia" in the ever-busy entertainment district Shibuya, hosts another one-day festival organized by another heavy weight of the Japanese Hardcore scene, namely Aggressive Dogs a.k.a Uzi-One. The event, which is the last date of a long 10 days tour all along Japan, is gathering no less than 10 heteroclite bands, all Japanese except the head of the bill, the Finnish MyGrain, with genres ranging from experimented and powerful hardcore to heavy metal, thrash, circus or again catchy melodic death metal.


Fear Factory

Photos of 1 Fear Factory
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A few weeks after hosting the grindcore event with their prominent founders Napalm Death on the same stage, the Club Quattro welcomes tonight one of the godfathers of industrial metal, Fear Factory, accompanied by the ferocious polish guys of Decapitated.
The fame of Fear Factory might have deserved a larger place for this event, but on a Tuesday evening, gathering such a crowd (approximately 500 persons) is already a good thing.