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Freelance photographer in Japan, I love catching *the* moment, whether it be a burst of rage or paroxysmal move of an artist on stage, or a simple and ephemeral smile on a face. ...



Guillaume Catella
Tokyo, Japan



Viet Nam

Photos of 1 Viet Nam
Photos of 2 Viet NamPhotos of 3 Viet NamPhotos of 4 Viet Nam

Photos of Viet Nam, from the south (rowboats on the Mekong delta) to the North (wonderful architecture and temples in Ha Noi, and breath-taking islands of the famous Ha Long Bay), via the center of Viet Nam (old city of Hoi An and citadel of Hue in ruins), as well as a few photos from Shanghai.


Tokyo's Shinjuku nightscape

Photos of 1 Tokyo's Shinjuku nightscape
Photos of 2 Tokyo's Shinjuku nightscapePhotos of 3 Tokyo's Shinjuku nightscapePhotos of 4 Tokyo's Shinjuku nightscape

A few shots of Tokyo's nightscape taken from the metropolitan building, highest tower of the business district Shinjuku, and another few shots of Sky Tree Tower and its whereabouts, the brand new highest tower in Japan (finished a few months ago).


Kyoto's marvels

Photos of 1 Kyoto's marvels
Photos of 2 Kyoto's marvelsPhotos of 3 Kyoto's marvelsPhotos of 4 Kyoto's marvels

This albums presents a few marvels of Kyoto, a former imperial capital, and indisputably the cultural center of the Japanese archipelago, with the famous Kinkakuji (golden temple), the Fushimi Inari Taisha (head shrine with its thousands of torii, these beautiful and strange red gates), and at last the Gion Festival, in Kyoto's traditional district, Gion.